What We Believe

As Christians, we believe in a Creator God who loves us, and who sent his son, Jesus, to die on the cross to take the punishment for every wrong thing we’ll ever do, and who rose to life three days later to make a way for us to get into the Great Party that is Heaven.

It’s pretty much that simple. We also believe that God loves us so much that he wants to get to know us, and he wants us to get to know him through prayer, through reading the Bible, and through going to church and meeting with other Christians.

Our values here at the station—family-friendly, positive, uplifting—are our reflection of this.

Our Vision Statement

Presenting the reality of Jesus Christ in a relevant way through radio.

• To produce and broadcast, through radio, musical and artistic material consistent with Christian values.

• To arrange for, provide, record, supply and distribute artistic and informative material consistent with the values of the organisation

• To foster creativity in the writing, production, presentation, broadcast and or publishing of artistic and informative material consistent with the values of this organisation.

• To present to the people of Hobart and Southern Tasmania the values and truths of Jesus Christ through music and spoken word in a culturally relevant manner.

• To encourage through programming a spirit of caring and awareness and thereby to improve the quality of living in the community.

Articles of Faith

Members of Hope Foundation Communicators Inc. – ultra106.5fm – affirm and declare their belief in the Christian faith as set forth in the following essential articles.

• The Bible as the divinely inspired and authoritative Word of God.

• The triune Godhead in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit as Sovereign Creator and Ruler of the universe.

• The deity of Jesus Christ, his virgin birth, death, bodily resurrection, present exaltation at God’s right hand and his coming again.

• The reconciliation of man to God by the substitutionary death and shed blood of Jesus Christ, our saviour.

• Christ’s great commission to the church to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.