Open Doors CEO Mike Gore this week on weekend wondering a talking with Dave  about exactly what religious freedom may  look like now and going forward..

The chat starts in the wake of the prayer and speech given by PM Scott Morrison at the annual Hillsong Conference.

Speaking in response to whether he believes that religious freedoms for Christians would be secured for the future, The PM  spoke of his experiences of speaking with missionaries in countries where many Christians are persecuted for their faith.

He mentioned that “you didn’t hear stories about them complaining about their rights… They were just loving in that situation and they were out there for God.” He then went on to say that he believed the Australian church could learn from the persecuted church saying “That was their response and this country needs more love and less judgment.” Morrison is in the midst of drafting a Religious Freedom Bill, but is facing fierce public debate.

Open Doors Australia ( is working on the ground with some of the most persecuted Christians in the world.

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