Change management specialist Tony Holmwood joins Dave on weekend wonderings to explore what a change manager is and why its an important role.


Tony Holmwood’s  also has a new book, Best Behaviour, which  shows how to coach and align employee behaviours to supercharge growth and engagement


Behaviours influence our thoughts and emotions – it’s how we learn. So, what if you could better align the behaviours of your employees to supercharge engagement, performance and business growth?

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Human behaviour has historically been dominated by left-brain (transactional) thinking. Standardisation, productivity, competitive advantage, compliance and incremental growth are products of a logical left brain. But we need to relegate this thinking and empower our workforces to develop their creative, collaborative, spatially aware, big-picture, right-brained (transformational) capability if we are to adopt the best behaviour that will succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.


Written by change management specialist Tony Holmwood, Best Behaviour (Michael Hanrahan Publishing $39.95), draws upon decades of experience to provide a balanced behavioural development framework to help managers and HR leaders supercharge performance and profitability. The book sets out a unique approach to emotional development to enable leaders to motivate and coach employees in change and growth initiatives.


Best Behaviour examines how:


  • emotional development is key to creating a responsive, innovative, open culture
  • knowing our motivations and strengths builds a strong identity and a passionate workforce
  • trusting our intuition builds emotional intelligence (Ei) and enables our critical reasoning
  • learning Ei and addressing our weaknesses develops a powerful leadership cultural competence and enables proactive workplace cultures
  • managers and HR professionals can champion and coach business transformation.


Ground-breaking in its methodology, Best Behaviour empowers you and your team with the tools needed to align capability, transform cultures and drive superior business performance. A Commercial Accountant by profession, Tony Holmwood is used to focusing on business performance, business transformation and change projects. He came to understand more about organisational development and HR while working on an HR insourcing start-up tasked with introducing the benefits of HR processes and development to medium-sized businesses.

Diagnosed as a social phobic in his early years, Tony learnt the power of Ei and personal development to overcome his shyness and insecurities. Tony’s unique perspective on behavioural development is a response to his personal challenges and learnings. Tony is an accredited Ei, behavioural and change practitioner.