On weekend wondering Dave chats with Kirsten Bacon who has started the FB project The World Pandemic Cookbook story: she  want’s your pandemic recipes  and stories

Kirsten is  a teacher and chef, also an avid food and recipe writer and write for a few local papers.  I came up with the idea of doing a pandemic cookbook and whilst I’m sure I’m not the only one in the world to be doing this, I thought hey, it might be a fun thing to do and it is going crazy .

Kirsten is  having trouble keeping up but she want’s more so this can be something that is kept in digital and paper form forever,.

She is seeking for contributors form all over the world  and have   since started a page specifically for the cook book  https://www.facebook.com/The-World-Pandemic-Cookbook-115183943503673/?modal=admin_todo_tour

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What Kirsten wants from you: Send us a pic of your family and the food and then I will share on this page to begin the process.  Alternatively you could send to realfoodkitchen@gmail.com or via messenger.


  • Where do you start cooking when you are confined at home?
  • What is in your pantry that you need some ideas on how to use the ingredients?
  • What recipes do you love doing with your family?
  • I want to do a recipe book to remember this time. It’s in the very embryonic stage so not entirely sure where or how it will go whether it is a digital page, online website or a published book but most likely will start with an online page, with the intention to hard copy publish possibly. We just need peeps to tell us what they would like. There are a billion recipe books out there so let’s make this different. What is your story?


We will post up simple recipes and we  want you to be involved. What is your favourite family go to recipe or a recipe that you love? Have you discovered something amazing whilst trying out different recipes whilst you have been at home?
It might go something like “Bacons famous chilli recipe”


And please share … widely. Like the page and encourage your friends from all over the world to like and share. So far I have recipes sent from the Philippines, Huon Valley and Wales. How good would it be to have recipes from all over the world?


We have got recipes so far from  Miriam Margolyes in the Uk, Sri Lanka  and all over Australia