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When someone becomes a mother, they are embarking on perhaps one of the most difficult and
long-term jobs they will ever attempt: to bring a small, helpless and completely dependent human
being, to happy, healthy and interdependent adulthood. This is no small task. And, of course, it
cannot be done alone. Having a father in the picture is very important, but so too is the wisdom and experience of others in the wider family and community.

But even if planted in a loving community, with strong family support, the isolation can be
overwhelming. Where is a mother to get help when it’s all too much? Where can she hear a story
from someone who has gone ahead and overcome? A story of hope and redemption?

This is where Treasuring Mothers steps in, with input from mothers who are themselves community professionals. And to hear stories from mothers who struggled with, and beat, the issues that isolate, mystify and marginalise. No topic will remain uncovered in the quest to honour and treasure our mothers, love ourselves, and care for our precious children.

To find out more, please visit treasuringmothers.com

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Jenny Baxter, Show Host

Jenny lost her mother to breast cancer when she was just 16 years old, and learnt to live a life of faith, trust and hope in the crazy mess of bringing up five children, along with husband Stephen.

Jenny also hosts Sunday Morning Favourites on Ultra106.5fm. To find out more about that show, check it out here.

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