TasWater Leader Water Systems Performance Luc Richard joins dave to look at the Checklist that business owners should look at before opening post the lockdown.
Two Tasmanian utilities are encouraging business owners and managers to ensure buildings which
have had little or no use are safe and operating efficiently.
As many Tasmanians are returning to work with the easing of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) restrictions,
TasWater and TasNetworks have developed a water and electricity safety checklist to assist building
owners safely return their people to the workplace.
TasWater Leader Water Systems Performance Luc Richard said business owners and managers
should check plumbing, water treatment systems, hot water systems and taps.
“This can be done by reviewing plumbing configuration and water usage in buildings, ensuring
plumbing is in good working order, inspect hot water systems and water treatment systems, flush
the building’s plumbing system and ensure meters are working and accurate,” he said.
“By doing so, this helps ensure the reliability of safe drinking water and efficient sewage services.”
TasNetworks’ General Manager of People, Culture and Community, Justine McDermott, is also
encouraging business owners and managers to check electrical cords, outlets and circuitry.
“In buildings, especially ones that have been unoccupied for some time, people should be keeping
an eye out for any damage, including moisture or water damage, signs of rodents and insects, circuit
breakers or safety switches which may have tripped and blown fuses,” she said.
Tasmanian utilities are working together to ensure Tasmanians continue to receive essential water,
sewage and electricity services along with playing their parts to assist the state as it recovers from
the COVID-19 pandemic.
For more information and to access the checklist, visit either the TasWater or TasNetworks Facebook
pages or websites: www.taswater.com.au or www.tasnetworks.com.au