Dave chats with  Family Planning Tasmania Medical Director Dr  Sue Mallet about the  Compass clinical trial by VCS Foundation and Cancer Council NSW, which has just launched at five clinics across Tasmania, including Family Planning Hobart.


Compass is the largest clinical trial ever to be conducted in Australia and was initially only available to women in Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales. It’s a world-first clinical trial being led by incredible female researchers, GPs and everyday women taking part to support cervical cancer research and ultimately save lives around the world.


Results from Phase 1 of the trial resulted in major changes to the National Screening Program in 2017 and now Phase 2 aims to improve and refine cervical screening programs and ensure that healthy women are not being sent for further, unnecessary tests. In particular, Compass will investigate the screening of women who have been offered HPV vaccination, a cohort not previously studied.

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The trial is also of international significance, if we can confirm the best way of screening using the HPV test, the Compass Trial will completely change the direction of how we screen and prevent cervical cancer globally.


VCS needs 7,000 more women aged 25-38 years to participate in the trial before November 30 to ensure that we understand the best way to refine HPV testing, which will contribute to the disease’s eradication.