This week on Talkin Travel its the Festival of wot?

Travel Expert Chris Milligan joins Dave to look at  research results which lead to the Launch of The Festival of Wot?

New research into the domestic travelling behaviours of Aussies has revealed that while domestic travel is up, we’re sticking to the same locations – with the average Aussie visiting less than 1% of towns and cities across the country. In fact most Aussies (53%) can only name up to nine regional destinations across Australia. Because of this, nearly a quarter (24%) of all Aussies and 36% of those aged 25-34 years admit to feeling embarrassed about how few Australian locations they’ve been to.

To help encourage visitation and drive domestic tourism Wotif has launched a call to arms and celebration of what makes Australia great.

The search is on to find towns, cities and suburbs that have something they’d like to be famous for, with Wotif set to gift a deserving Aussie location a FREE FESTIVAL in honour of said ‘thing’ – known as the Festival of Wot?

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