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Salted Caramel Smoothie

Here's a healthy snack that will spoil you for taste and sustain you. Macadamia nuts provide a creamy base to this smoothie, and maca powder adds a malt/butterscotch flavour.

Paleo Hot Cross Muffin-Buns

You don't have to miss out on Easter traditions just because you choose to eat healthily. This Hot Cross Muffin recipe can be made traditionally with sultanas or chocolatey using healthy dark chocolate.

Strawberry Creme Easter Eggs

It's not always easy to find healthy easter eggs for our children at Easter time. The delicious strawberry filling in these Chocolate Eggs will delight their taste buds and I'm sure yours too!
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Chocolate Coated Easter Marshmallows

There's no need to miss out on Easter traditions when healthy marshmallow bunnies and chickens can be made with additive free ingredients and coated in homemade or dairy-free organic chocolate.
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Nut-Free Hot Cross Buns

These traditional Easter Buns have a more bread-like texture than regular gluten-free muffin style Hot Cross Buns and are totally nut-free!
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Blender Chocolate Muffins

No-fuss chocolate muffins made in minutes. All the ingredients go into a blender and in seconds your muffins are in the oven - the kind of recipe a busy mum needs.
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Food Additives to Avoid

Manufacturers now have the choice of listing additives by either their number or their name on their products. Getting familiar with these will help you make informed choices the next time you're reading a food label.
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Banana Pancakes

February 13 is Pancake Day! Celebrate it in style with these yummy paleo pancakes topped with coconut yoghurt, fresh strawberries, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon.
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Aussie Spread Recipe (Vegemite Alternative)

Why make homemade Vegemite when you could easily pop down to the store? If you don't like putting additives and chemicals into your body or your family's this is for you.
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Australia Day Lamington Cake

Lamingtons are such an Australian icon. But there's no need to break any New Year resolutions as you celebrate this Australia Day - try this healthy version.