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The Antidote to Offence

Offence can be like a poison that seeps into your relationships with friends and family, and even cloud the lens through which you view the world.
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Jesus as a Blueprint for Thriving Relationships

When we take an honest look at the life of Jesus, what do we see? Do we see a detached, impersonal Messiah who opposed being seen with sinners and tax collectors? Or do we see the most compassionate example of leadership ever modelled.

Happily Ever After is a Choice

Every choice has a consequence, like a pebble in a pond. Each word has a ripple effect that builds others up or tears them down. Each action has an aftermath that draws us closer to our spouse, or creates a chasm that divides.
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Embracing an Imperfect Marriage

Mark and Jill Savage open up about their own imperfect marriage — how they’ve tried to change each other and struggled with emotional intimacy.

What We Learn About Hearing God from a Valentine

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, what is it about the bride and groom metaphor described in the Bible that we can learn from when we think of our relationship with God and the conversations we have with him?