Let the Love Flow

Receiving and giving is the law of the universe, because they are part of the very nature of God. Love receives and love gives. Love has to love.
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Does God Love Me?

We think of love, for example in marriage, as some kind of business deal, where one person commits to loving another as long as they receive love in return. But that’s not what God means by love at all.
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The God Who Bends Down

The Bible was written in a polytheistic culture: a culture which believed that there were many gods. But there is one thing that distinguishes the Christian God from all other gods.

One of The Best Things You’ll Hear Today: You Are Known

He knows you, he’s familiar with you—he knows your complete personality. He knows your emotional triggers, behavioral patterns, your bad habits and comfort zones. He can unravel the intricate workings of your heart when you remain confused.
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He Touches Your Feet

In the Middle East, the foot is considered the most shameful part of the body. So what does it tell us that Jesus had no problem with washing his disciples' feet, a job only fit for a slave?