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The Leader is the Chief Sacrificer

She was a little lady, seemingly unimportant to others. There was nothing outstanding about her at first glance, but she was a leader through and through.
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How to Travel Lightly Through the World

Society tells us that we should accumulate “stuff” throughout our lives. However if that is the goal, then we have misunderstood the meaning of life and our purpose in this world.
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The Words That Make God Gag

You know what gagging is, right? It’s that awful, violent feeling just before you throw up. This isn’t something nice to even write about!
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Why Did Jesus Bless all the Wrong People?

Who are the “unblessed” today? Might they not be the homeless, the addicts, the sex-workers, the abused and the victimised? Why it is those who society considers the “unblessed,” who are blessed by Christ.

How to Measure Your Success in Life

Everyone wants to be successful. No one wants to be a failure. There's even a multi-billion dollar industry designed to help. So how do you measure your success in life?
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How Jesus Sees You When You’re Down

You know how you see yourself: alone, worthless, unloved and a failure. But the important thing is not how you see yourself, but how Jesus sees you.