No better way to start your weekend than Southern Tasmania’s only radio show providing your favourite music and the most up-to-date sports news and interviews.

Saturday Morning Sports Breakfast airs from 6 – 9am. Dave presents a weekly wrap of Tasmanian and National sport.

In summer Dave talks Cycling Track and Field, Motorsports,Tennis,Golf,,Cricket,NBL and A League.

In Winter its Netball, Rugby Roundup, Cross Country and Hockey ,Motorsports,Tennis, Golf, AFL, Statewide League Football, NBL ONE and Huskies Basketball and we Focus on the FFT.

Saturday Morning Sports Breakfast with David Wood on ultra106five.

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6:10 am Netball.
6:20 am Rugby Roundup.
6:40 am Athletics and Hockey

6:50 am Sports History of the Day

7:10 am Motor Sports
7:25 am Tennis.

7:40 am.Golf.

7.45 am Celebrity Birthdays.
7:50 am Birthday Cake Winner announced. To enter click here

8:10 am AFL and Statewide League

8:25 am NBL ONE  NZ NBL  or NBL
8:40 am Focus on the FFT and A League