Become a Sponsor

Radio advertising is a wonderful way to build your brand as well as let a whole bunch of people know about your products, services, special event, or sale. As a community radio station, Ultra106five does things a little differently. The great thing about Ultra106five is that:

  • We have a strong community of followers across radio, web, and social media.
  • Our listeners see us differently from other radio stations. They trust us, and that trust transfers to our sponsors. When it comes to radio advertising, listeners will often prefer a business that they have heard on Ultra106five and actively seek them out.
  • You get to stand out. As a community radio station, we run less than 5 minutes of advertising sponsorship per hour. At Ultra106five we also have a two in a row promise, meaning your radio spots will always be first or last in a break.

4 Reasons you should consider radio advertising with Ultra106five:

  1. 36,000 listeners tune in each month to Ultra106five, many of whom listen to Ultra exclusively
  1. Less Clutter—2 ads per ad break, and only 5 mins per hour—making your business stand out
  1. Family-friendly and kid-proof messages
  1. Competitive rates

Be top of mind!

Ask to talk with one of our Advertising Sponsorship Team today on 6231 1065, or email our sales manager at We’d love to get in touch and talk about how we can partner with you to help you grow your business.