Planet Sport is a weekly 15-minute radio programme that gives listeners the opportunity to comment on news and stories from the world of sport. The show is produced every Wednesday and is broadcast on many radio stations around the world. Our international team of correspondents is dedicated to keeping you up to date and in touch with top sporting news and stories through and various Planet Sport social networks.

Planet Sport is unique in the vibrant sports community that it fosters. The extensive multi-media coverage we offer is meant to go deeper than simply sharing highlights and news from sports. After all, sport goes far beyond just the pitch. It is a reflection of life, and Planet Sport is about giving fans the ability to share together the excitement, devotion, and journeys that sports conjure up in all of us. We do this by consistently offering our audiences interviews with some of the world’s top sports people, coverage of major events, and relevant sports commentary. In all of this, we invite the whole Planet Sport community to share their experiences and comments. We want to know your thoughts on the week’s top stories.

Your Sport, Your World, Your Voice.

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