DO NOT FLUSH – CHOICE response to Federal Court flushable wipe judgement

Dave chats with  Sarah Agar, Head of Campaigns and Policy at CHOICE who says they are are really disappointed with the Federal court decision handed down today in relation to Kimberly-Clark wipes”

“This is terrible news for people who care about the environment and our waterways. CHOICE is warning Australians not to flush wipes, following this disappointing court decision that means flushable wipe companies won’t be held to account for clogged sewers, damaged waterways and terrible plumbing bills for Australians. CHOICE’s message is do not flush.

“We applaud the ACCC for taking on tough cases like this and a strong consumer regulator will have wins and losses along the way. We hope to see them keep testing the law in cases like this where there’s clear detriment to the community.”

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