This week on a mission Dave chats with TEAR’s Matthew Maury (CEO) of TEAR

God created us a beautiful world to live in, however, we all need to take responsibility to look after it… Currently, communities in the developing world are suffering from the effects of plastic pollution, up to one million people die every year due to the mismanagement of waste and pollutants.

Christian aid and development organisation TEAR Australia is joining its sister agency Tearfund UK to launch The Rubbish Campaign. This is a global campaign being run in 13 countries including Brazil, Zambia and India, by Christian groups affiliated with Renew our World.

In a bid to tackle this hugely growing problem, TEAR will be helping to shine a light on those multinational companies that are responsible for throwaway, single use plastic, which is having such a devastating effect on the health and wellbeing of people living in these communities facing poverty.

This campaign is centred on the findings of a global report released by Tearfund UK ‘No Time to Waste – Tackling the plastic pollution crisis before its too late’. Backed by UK environmentalist Sir David Attenborough, this report reveals that one person is dying every 30 seconds in developing countries from diseases and illnesses caused by plastic pollution, and uncollected rubbish dumped or burnt near homes.

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