Luke and Susie Holt are a married couple who have come from unbelievably different backgrounds to form a home and work life together.
Marrying in 2003, Luke and Susie always had hopes of working together since strangely, they actually enjoy each other’s company!

Luke says, “We come from very different families. I was raised by Christian parents, but headed down a path of drugs and alcohol until I met Jesus at age sixteen.” Susie, on the other hand, wasn’t brought up in a Christian home, and discovered God through Girl’s Brigade, and experiences at Beach Mission.

They have spent 18 months working together delivering a breakfast radio program on Melbourne’s 89.9 LightFM, another 2 years on Juice1073 on the Gold Coast, and now on Ultra106five.

Their short married life has been filled with highs and lows in the midst of learning how to take their different backgrounds and form a cohesive life together. Luke and Susie address a wide range of topics under the umbrella of faith, family and culture. Listen to them Monday through to Friday, between 1 and 4pm on Ultra106.5fm.

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