You’ve probably heard a lot over the past couple of weeks that we were aiming to raise $150,000 by the end of June in our Shake The World Appeal. Maybe you’d be interested to find out more about how you can help in a slightly different way–by becoming a Cross-Bearer.

What’s a Cross-Bearer?

Cross-Bearers are listeners (like you!) who commit to an ongoing regular gift to the station, whether it’s weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or whatever frequency suits you best. We have a number of these already (sending a huge THANK YOU!! to you amazing people who are already doing this, especially those who have been doing it for many years now), and we’re hoping to find 100 more people who can be part of this important program.

Let’s look at the numbers.

It costs approximately $1,700 per day to run Ultra106.5fm. However…

ultra106.5fm is proudly supported by:

If 10 people gave $1 per day…it would pay for the monthly rental of our broadcast software.

If 25 people gave $10 per week…it would cover our music licensing costs for a year.

If 50 people gave $20 per week…it would cover the annual rental cost of our broadcast site on Mount Wellington.

If everybody gave a little each week, fortnight, or month, it would allow Ultra106.5fm to reach beyond what we’re already doing, and introduce new programs, activities and community events that will impact Tasmania. 

Please, would you consider signing up as a Cross-Bearer today? Click the “donate” button, select “regular gift”, and make a commitment today. Thank you!