Dave chats with Leadership specialist and author Gerard Penna, whose client base includes billionaires, CEO’s and boards.  He has aew book, Xtraordinary: the art and science of remarkable leadership (Publish Central, $34.95),

 The First impressions that make or break trust at work

  • How to lead people who are not “just like me”
  • The 5 steps for having influential conversations
  • Why your wellbeing matters to your success
  • How your biology holds you back from being a better leader
  • The energy transition that all leaders must embrace


New book explores the eight key habits to become an extraordinary leader


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Leaders have been tested during the pandemic like never before. Constant change has become the new normal, and ordinary leadership no longer cuts it. As we deal with the lingering impact of COVID, what organisations, teams and employees really need are extraordinary leaders.

In the new book, Xtraordinary: the art and science of remarkable leadership (Publish Central, $34.95), leadership specialist Gerard Penna provides a proven and practical guide for new, emerging and experienced leaders on how to become more remarkable. Drawing upon over 30 years’ experience working with organisations across the globe, Penna’s unique framework outlines how to become a stronger leader that can engage, influence and mobilise to ensure goals, opportunities and challenges are met. In this ground-breaking book readers learn:


  • two critical attributes that extraordinary leaders possess
  • a powerful model that reveals the leadership impact you have on others
  • behaviours needed to engage, influence & mobilise people
  • eight essential habits for building higher performing teams and superior results.