Author, stylist and plant cultivator Jason Chongue talks with Dave abut his new book Plant Societys your 101 guide on how to care for and decorate your home with indoor plants.

Author, stylist and plant cultivator Jason Chongue thinks we often forget the need for greenery in our lives. They soothe harsh lines and blur the boundaries between one surface and another. Jason sees plants as having a relationship between what we create and where we come from – a connection with earth. Plants remind us that our living spaces rely on more than man-made elements.

In Plant Society there are profiles of 25 ideal indoor plants, organised from the most easy to maintain species through to the more exotic and labour-intensive plants. On top of this, the book offers styling advice including how to decorate different rooms in your home with plants, as well as suggestions on pots and planters to give your greenery more personality! Throughout the book, you’ll also find interviews with “plant people” from around the world, who provide an insight into their unique relationships with houseplants.

Even if you’ve killed every houseplant in the past, Jason will show you that it’s really not that difficult to keep them happy. Covering everything from basic plant care and re-potting, to plants suited to pets and propagating, Plant Society will help rid you of your fear of gardening and inspire you to create your very own indoor rainforest.

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Indoor gardening has never been so easy!