Dave chats with Dr Malcolm Linsell about his inspirational book An Ordinary Man, An Extraordinary Life

He discovers making a difference in people’s lives has been a central theme in Malcolm Linsell’s life, coming from a family who were heavily involved in the Salvation Army.


As a young toddled Malcolm suffered serious burns to his hands which would later require surgery, it was at the age of 13 when a plastic surgeon working on his scars inspired Malcolm to before a Plastic Surgeon.


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Early into his career (two years in-fact) into his work as Plastic Surgeon, Malcolm met Wesley Koni, a young boy who has sugared burns so severe his face appeared to be melted to his chest. It was this event which made Malcolm realise it was time for him to put all of his training into practice and do his best to give Wesley a better chance at life.


Dr Linsell regularly travels around Australia for consultations and to perform surgery so I’d love to hear your thoughts on any potential media opportunities we could work on together.