Dr Mikaela Chinotti  the ADA’s Oral Health Promoter joins Dave at the start of Dental Health Week.

The nation’s mouths are in bad shape right now:

-one in five people don’t brush twice a day and 75% adults rarely or never floss or clean between their teeth,

-32% of adults are walking round with untreated tooth decay,

-2 in 3 adults only visit the dentist when there’s a problem rather than a checkup,

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-48% of adults consume too much free sugar according to the World Health Organization recommendation,

-one in three kids aged 5 to 6 and one in four aged 6 to 14 had decay in primary teeth and ADA paediatric dentists are taking out teeth in kids as young as 2.

Dental Health Week ( 2-8 August) is the ADA’s flagship oral health campaign for the year and it’s a campaign to remind people of the prevention and oral care strategies to keep their teeth for life. There are known links between poor oral health and serious rest of body health issues.