Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law Dr Maria O Sullivan at Monash university  joins Dave to look at some of the legal challenges of introducing electronic COVID-19 certificates

Dr O’Sullivan says the use of COVID-19 certificates by businesses are of concern and raise the following legal issues: Will this lead to unlawful discrimination? Should people who have a medical exemption for vaccination be given a digital certificate attesting to that? What about those who have a conscientious objection to vaccination or simply do not want to be vaccinated. Can those people be denied access to restaurants, bars and other venues?

“In addition to this, could the certificate be used by businesses that sell essential goods and services such as Coles and Woolworths?

“Concerns around privacy are important, as digital vaccine certificates will create a significant new store of data of potentially sensitive personal information that will be widely used in the community.

“If a certificate system is enforced before everyone in Australia has been offered a vaccination, then this could unfairly disadvantage young people (who are likely to be last in priority) or people living in certain parts of the country.”

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