Dave chats with City Wide pastor Matt garvin who explains why his church services this Sunday will be at the Domain.
In 1938 Aboriginal leader, William Cooper, asked Australian Christian churches to set aside the Sunday before January 26 as Aboriginal Sunday. This Sunday at least two congregations will be leaving their buildings and meeting on the domain in response to his call
While many would see the controversy around Australia Day as a comparatively new thing, William Cooper and a number of other Aboriginals first met for a day of mourning on January 26th 1938 and it was this event that prompted his call to the churches.
In 2018, Brooke Prentice (regular contributor to ABC’s ‘The Drum’ and CEO of Common Grace) joined with Aboriginal elder Aunty Jean Philips to reclaim William Cooper’s original concept and formalised his desire to see individual congregations pause their regular schedule of services to commemorate this day.
Proud Palawa man, and Baptist Pastor, Rev. Paul Dare, will lead the special service on Sunday which will include a recorded address by Aunty Jean Philips, a history of the Australia Day holiday and two activities (Water Ceremony and Tree of Life Activity) designed to focus the core questions of the injustice faced by our First Nations people.
Rev. Dare says “If churches want to take the teaching of Jesus seriously, then they can’t ignore the pain and injustice that Aboriginal people continue to experience and which gets focussed a this time of year. Here in Tasmania, in particular, we need to face our past in order that our future can be different.”
The service will be held at the Domain amphitheatre (https://goo.gl/maps/y5mXYnatvAb9bnjH) starting at 10 a.m. and finishing at 11:30.