Dave chats with Very Reverend Richard Humphrey Dean of Hobart  about this current event A light repast June 13-23 at St David’s


A digest of visual arts, music and written Word over 12 days,celebrating 200 years of Christian worship on the site of St David’s.

The Cathedral’s rich heritage and contemporary faith community will be showcased alongside an engaging exhibition of artworks that reflect a theme of transformations: redemption, renewal, restoration,
recycling, death to life, grief to joy, dark to light and new beginnings.

Rebecca Brogan, Merran Dieckfoss, Marianne Gill-Harper, Michael Henderson, Seth Isham, Steve Isham, Emily Jones, Shane Laredo,Melissa Lubke, Doug Nichols, Margaret Sonneman, Will Standring, Raelene Weissel, Merinda Young.

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 A series of Light Readings based on E100 (100 Essential Bible readings which cover the breadth of the Bible’s story from Genesis to Revelation). Churches from across Hobart have been invited to participate in completing 200 readings over the12 days. Reading times (approx. 30 mins) are scheduled for 8am, 1pm, 5pm and 8:30pm every day except Sundays;
 Dean’s Tours of the Cathedral + Bell Tower, 1:30pm most days – ‘Windows, wonders and why is there a pelican?’

 Choir in Action: Thursdays 13 + 20 June, 7:30pm. The Cathedral Choir will bring their weekly rehearsal into the Chancel, so come along to see and hear our dedicated musicians and choristers in action—you can even join in;
 Curator’s talk + tour: Saturday 15 June, 11am. Conducted by local artist Maz Gill-Harper and Raelene Weissel;
 Various musical performances including an Organ and Piano Recital by Peter Warren on Saturday 15 June, 7pm and anOrgan Recital by Rod Thomson on Saturday 22 June, 2:30pm;
 Meet the Artists afternoon: Sunday 16 June, 2pm. An opportunity to wander through the Cathedral with artists as they discuss their work;
 Virtual Belfry will be on exhibit, highlighting the Cathedral Bells;
 Treasures of the Cathedral exhibition (21 + 22 June) 2 days

 Evensong on Sunday 23 June.
For the calendar of events, please see website: saintdavids.org.au