How we serve Southern Tasmania

Ever since the very early days of the station, back in the early 1980s, we’ve received messages of thanks from listeners telling us what a difference the station has made to their lives, whether it’s through a word or a song that’s spoken directly to them at that time, the positive, uplifting vibe that comes through, or the feeling of being part of a wider community. We love the fact that people feel such a connection with ultra106.5fm, that it truly is “their station”.

Reaching out
One of our core values is community, and for us that means making a difference in the world around us, both globally and locally. The medium of radio gives us the ability to promote charities, and connect listeners to needs where they can make a difference. A great example of this is our annual “Miracles Day”, in conjunction with CBM, who can, for $35, provide life-changing cataract operations for people in developing countries who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. We’ve also been able to use the reach of radio to help create a groundswell behind Operation Christmas Child’s Shoebox campaign, helping them on their way to reaching their targets.

Through the medium of radio we’ve been able to raise awareness for the work of local charities and groups also, such as Autism Tasmania, and Pathways, who work with young men recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. We interview local authors, promote local events, and get behind great causes and charities. Because so many people tune in to ultra106.5fm, a whole lot of people are connected into causes they otherwise may not hear about. Radio is an excellent vehicle for making a difference and it’s your support and the support of listeners like you that makes it possible.